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Thank you for visiting our store, it is in the process of being populated. So if you do not see the item you want please email us at and we will try to accommodate your needs. 

Thank you for visiting Angel JEM. We appreciate your support of small business. 

This is a listing for a piece of glass. The listing will have two photos. One with the light table on showing you what the glass might look like with light streaming through and one with no light to show off the nuances of the glass. Please be aware, due to different monitor settings, the color you receive may be a little different from the color shown. We try and cut as precise as possible, however we are human and may be off by a slight bit. 
If you are looking for a particular color or type of glass and do not see it in our store, please contact us as we have more glass than we could possibly ever list. Just email us with the type of glass you are looking for, size, color and amount and we will let you know f we have it. If we do, we will be happy to do a special order for you.
We offer combined shipping, so if you purchase more than one item from our store, we will gladly combine it in one box when possible.
We normally ship flat rate, however, if it is cheaper to send via regular mail, we will do so and refund the difference to you or if you prefer you can:
Once we have confirmation of payment, we will cut your glass and securely package it. This is normally done within hours of you placing an order, however, as life is a series of unexpected events, this may, at times, be delayed. 
All glass is heavily wrapped in bubble wrap to insure it is kept safe during transport. Please understand, we will package the best we can but have no control over the postal system. If your item arrives damaged and it is due to poor packaging we will gladly refund you your money (minus shipping), however, if the damage is due to the USPS handling you will have to contact them. Should you feel the damage is due to our packaging, we will need photos of the damage, the package and the packing material. We suggest video taping the opening of the package (not only for our items but any item you purchase as it is better to have direct evidence so no one can claim it is not their fault). All packages are insured for up to fifty dollars, if the amount purchased is higher than the fifty dollar USPS limit, upon request we will increase the insurance. Please note, there is an up-charge of $3.00 for the extra insurance.
Pieces 8"x4" or smaller will be shipped in USPS small flat rate box $8.00
Pieces larger than 8"x4" and/or up to 14" (but no wider than 12") will be sent via a medium flat rate box $16.00
If you are purchasing one small piece of glass or a small bevel, we will send in a bubble envelope with the glass wrapped in bubble wrap and placed between 2 pieces of sturdy cardboard.
We try and add product daily to our store so please check back often to see what we have to offer.
Thank you,
Ken and Michelle
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